Evelyn Nien-Ming Ch’ien is currently a senior researcher at the Institute of Transcultural and Transtextual Studies (IETT) at Jean-Moulin Université Lyon III in Lyon, France, where she has held a position since 2007. In 2014 she won a Marie Curie Sklodowska Fellowship, one of nineteen researchers in France across natural and social sciences to be chosen for this funding, to create an archive of testimony from descendants of the Republican period in China (1911-49), She is grateful to Shanghai Jiaotong University and the Center for East Asian Studies at Stanford University for their support. She has been a Fulbright Senior Research Fellow at the Sun-Yat Sen University, a visiting professor at the Jean-Moulin Université Lyon III, American University of Paris, and the Universiteit van Amsterdam. She began her career in the English Department at the University of Hartford (2000-2005), then taught at the University of Minnesota beginning 2006, and held the position of Associate Professor with tenure in English and Asian American Studies until 2011. Her first book, Weird English, received a Choice award and was reviewed in Library Journal, Far Eastern Economic Review, Politics and Culture, The Globe and Mail, The New York Sun, The Chronicle of Higher Education, RMMLA, The Texas Observer, and an NPR station The Morning Show at KPFA Radio in Berkeley; and Hyphen (top 10 book in 2006); among others. In 2016, she and Professor Puk Wing Kin published a collection of annotated poems by Liao Entao (Guangdong People’s Press).


Zhu Zhilong is a researcher at the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Museum in Guangzhou, China. He obtained a masters’ degree in 2014 from Sun Yat Sen University. His recent thesis detailed the life of Liao Entao, a diplomat during the Qing regime and Republican periods.

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